Unexpected Obstacles

Hive55_logo FullSo, I have to admit, I had a totally different plan for this post. I planned on showing you photos of all the construction: How the walls had been taken down, the floor pulled up, and the plumbing put into place for the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have no such news to report. Instead, I’m waiting (and I’ve been waiting for a few days now) for the building permit to be pulled. Construction has been awaiting a single signature on our permit — and I have no control to get it done! I’ve heard of similar construction woes — I know I’m among the many — but of course it can be a little frustrating.

While I haven’t made an opening date public, I have had a potential one in mind. It may have fallen a few days behind, but I anticipate our contractor will be able to skim a few days off…I’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, contracts are being signed, and sponsors are being lined up. I may not have a phone set up yet to take phone calls and organize deliveries, but I know a slight delay will give a little bit of much-needed time to ensure that everything is just right.

Cogent will have time to come in and setup a 100 Mbps Internet connection to ensure fast download and upload times. We’ll have time to set up our phone connections for the conference room and hook up our fax machine. I’m looking into software products that might streamline some of our signup processes. I also have time to finalize copy for an announcment postcard. Plus, I can work on additional marketing and PR opportunities to spread the word.

Other exciting developments include the creation of a new membership level. For those of you who have a job and are trying to open a business on the side, the Hive will offer an evening membership for one late night a month and weekend access. We’re striving to make the Hive a place that can meet as many people’s needs as possible — if there’s a service or if you have an idea that you think we should consider, let me know!

So I’m actually looking forward to a few extra days to get everything set up just the way I want it. And I hope that next week I’ll get you some of those construction photos I’ve promised. In the meantime, you can find us on hiveat55.com or e-mail me at hiveat55@downtownny.com if you want more information, or if you have an idea you want to share!