Community Planting Day

red-tulipsThis year in planning our fall Community Planting Day at Bowling Green Park, we decided to have a free pumpkin giveaway for kids. In addition to planting 1,500 red tulip bulbs in preparation for the spring, kids will have the opportunity to get a gourd and decorate it in time for Halloween!

I think this event will be a hit with City kids. My own family had a trip planned for pumpkin picking to Lancaster Pennsylvania. That trip was canceled by my daughter’s impromptu virus – do kids only get sick when you plan to go away for a weekend? So, we will be home, in the City, for the next few weekends, and will need to rely on local resources for our pumpkin decorating experience.

Last year, we did a fall Community Planting Day and gave kids potted flowers to take home, but I think this is a better reward for helping beautify Bowling Green Park – the oldest public park in New York City.

I hope you will join us on Saturday, October 17th from 11AM to 1PM for some light refreshments, pumpkin decorating and, of course, tulip bulb planting. We will be out there rain or shine, so stop by – maybe next year we will add face painting?