Mess Around Downtown: October 7, 2009

Welcome to the first Mess Around Downtown blog post! I’ve been putting these together for the Downtown Alliance for several months now, but it seemed like such a good idea to make them available to you. My name is Luke Mess and I walk Around Downtown every week checking on retailers, updating their information, and finding new retailers to add to our Downtown Directory on our website. I hope you can now see why we call it Mess Around Downtown! I will be posting these every week or so. If you see any new retailers or any changes to existing retailers, please email me at Thanks!

These past few weeks have brought some exciting new additions to Lower Manhattan: from a place right here at 120 Broadway (where our office is located) that pleases your carnivorous palate to a new non-prof that feeds your creative soul. And to top it all off, a happy homecoming story for an entrepreneur celebrating a grand re-opening at The World Financial Center. Below are the retail changes I have found these past few weeks.


The Capital Grille – 120 Broadway: 212-374-1811,

Dry aged steaks and a cellar full of fine wine right here in The Equitable Building. You don’t even have to go outside to taste what the Miami Herald called a “culinary theme park”.


Joseph Cione & Co. Salon – 1 WFC, 200 Liberty Street: 212-757-2561,

Mr. Cione’s original salon at the WFC was destroyed on 9-11 when the bridge connecting the WTC and the WFC collapsed on his salon. Now, 7 years later, he is delighted to be back in the neighborhood in his new space!


Poets House – 10 River Terrace: 212-431-7920,

This non-profit has relocated (from Midtown) to a beautiful 11, overlooking the Hudson in BPC. A peaceful place to find creative inspiration, browse the huge collection of poetry, sit and think or surf the web. (Free wi-fi). Check out the link for upcoming events.


Tiffany Cleaners – 95 Washington Street: 212-480-8158

Don’t let the name fool you. Located on the corner of Rector Street, Tiffany will not only do your dry cleaning but also will shine and repair your shoes, leather coats and belts.


Here is the one vacancy I have come across this past week.

136 Church Street – Benjamin Moore Janovic Hardware


As always, thank you for being on the look out and please continue to send any changes you come across to